Funding application

Funding application

You want to start a long-planned business project or strategically realign your company, but need state support to finance your project? Then we are the right partner for you!

Whether grants, loans, participations, guarantees or interest subsidies. At mainfort, we support you in finding the right funding programmes for every project and in successfully applying for them.

We show you which subsidies are available for your project and take over the application process in the form of preparing the application as well as the preparation and follow-up of the funding applications. We always make sure that the applications meet all the requirements of the funding bodies and are submitted to the respective funding agencies as quickly as possible. This is how we ensure the best conditions for the approval of your funding applications.

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Funding advice and application with mainfort – this is how it works:

Phase 1:

In an initial meeting, we discuss your project as well as your goals and wishes. Openness and honesty on the part of both pages is the key to determining your chances of receiving funding.

Phase 2:

If it is clear from the initial discussion that funding for your project is likely, we will determine for you which funding programmes are specifically suitable for your project, which grants can be combined if necessary and which guidelines need to be observed.

Phase 3:

Once the right funding programmes have been found, we work with you to prepare the relevant funding applications, support you in obtaining all the required documents and ensure that all the requirements of the funding bodies are met. We then submit your applications to the funding agencies in the quickest way possible.

Phase 4:

Unser gemeinsames Ziel ist erreicht: „Ihr Fördermittelantrag wurde genehmigt“.
Our common goal has been achieved: "Your funding application has been approved". Now it is a matter of proper follow-up, i.e., among other things, the preparation of proofs of use, interim and final reports. Here, too, we support you and take care of compliance with the deadlines as well as subsidy-law provisions.