Digitalisation does not stop at accounting either. So it's high time to also make your financial and payroll accounting more digital and automate work steps! This includes switching from manual processes to digital solutions, such as using accounting software and automating workflows.

Digitalisation allows you to save time and resources, avoid errors and increase the transparency and traceability of your finances. We support you in the implementation of new systems and place great emphasis on working in partnership with you to ensure that the solutions meet your requirements.

At mainfort, we use the cloud-based program "DATEV Unternehmen Online", or "DUO" for short, to digitise your financial and payroll accounting. The data is recorded online in the cloud application and securely exchanged between your company and our office. On this basis, we are able to take care of your accounting completely digitally and provide you with the evaluations. In addition, digital personnel files can be created for your employees with the program "DATEV Employee Online". This program provides your employees with access to personal data and documents such as wage and salary statements.

Our digitalisation at a glance:

  • Introduction of digital financial and payroll accounting (DATEV Unternehmen Online and DATEV Arbeitnehmer Online with digital personnel file).
  • Digitisation and archiving of paper documents
  • Optimisation of follow-up processes (e.g. banking)
  • Online access to digital evaluations for financial and payroll accounting (e.g. in PDF format or as an interactive business management evaluation)
  • Adaptation of internal organisation and processes through the introduction of necessary and optimisation of existing processes in the company.
  • Introduction and processing of electronic outgoing invoices (e.g. ZUGFeRD)
  • Integration of suppliers for the digital transmission of incoming invoices
  • Training and further education of key employees in accounting