BeratungBusinessMay 3, 2023

IHK Aachen (14.06.23)

mainfort goes UK!


On June 14, 2023, mainfort, in cooperation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Aachen, will hold a webinar on employee secondment to the United Kingdom. Dr. Stephan Ebner, a partner at mainfort, will co-lead the webinar alongside our English colleagues from the boutique law firm Paragon Law in Nottingham.

German medium-sized companies typically have extensive business contacts with the United Kingdom. However, with Brexit, i.e., the UK's departure from the EU, the immigration regulations have undergone drastic changes. Especially when several employees from Germany need to be sent to England for a project, this can lead to significant practical problems. The legal situation in this regard is still subject to almost daily changes

Our client base is globally active, and at mainfort, we support our clients in all legal and tax matters wherever they need us.

We cordially invite you to participate in this one-hour event. Registration can be easily done here:

If you or your company send employees abroad, regardless of the specific country, we consider ourselves to be your competent first point of contact.


Please feel free to contact us!