Tax structuring and planning

As an experienced tax consultancy, we offer our clients professional support in tax structuring and planning. We analyse your company’s tax situation and develop individual strategies for the design of business structures, transactions and investments with the aim of minimising your tax risks, maximising tax efficiency and thus achieving an optimal overall tax burden.

This includes, for example, advice on the choice of the optimal legal form for a company start-up or advice on the ideal use of tax benefits. Likewise, mainfort supports you in the planning and design of national or international expansions or corporate restructurings, the planning of company acquisitions and sales or acquisitions & MBOs as well as in the associated design of (international) financing structures.

Good and efficient tax structuring and planning is particularly important for internationally active companies, as they are often confronted with complex tax regulations and double taxation problems. At mainfort, you receive professional support to successfully master the particular challenges of international activities.

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Real estate

Real estate law is manifold

No matter whether you are planning a new real estate project or would like to acquire, change, or sell existing real estate: we offer you comprehensive advice in real estate law.

Our range of services in the field of real estate includes advice on planning, acquisition, portfolio management and sale, as well as support in the construction, conversion, or change of use of real estate. We advise you on aspects of building law and support you in aspects of contracts for work and services and sales law in connection with the implementation of your projects.

We are also your contact in tax matters, such as optimising depreciation or structuring gifts of real estate. Our experienced lawyers and tax advisors ensure that you are on the safe side in all matters relating to your real estate.

An important aspect of our advice is also the structuring and financing of new real estate investments, taking into account liability and tax considerations - also across borders. Our team supports you through every step of the process to ensure that your investment is successful.

Let us realise your real estate plans together.

Transaction and succession advice

We offer our clients comprehensive support in all aspects of corporate acquisitions, sales, and mergers (transaction advice) as well as in the planned transfer of the company to a successor (succession advice).

In terms of transaction advice, we start with a thorough analysis of your objectives and requirements to ensure that we identify the best possible target companies that meet them. We then conduct a comprehensive due diligence process to ensure that all relevant information about the target company is gathered before we move on to negotiate around the terms of the purchase and financing.

Regarding succession advice, we help you to find suitable successors by also carrying out a thorough analysis of your requirements and the skills and suitability of potential successors. We assist in the preparation of company values, the design of succession arrangements and the financing of the transfer.

In both cases, we work closely with you at all times to ensure that your transactions and succession plans are successfully implemented and their objectives achieved. We strive to support our clients at every step of the transaction or succession process and ensure that they are well informed and well prepared.

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Tax compliance

An important aspect of our work is so-called tax compliance. Tax laws and regulations are subject to constant change; the requirements for transparency and financial disclosure are becoming ever more stringent and processes increasingly digital. This makes it difficult for companies to keep

That is why we offer you a comprehensive service that focuses on tax compliance and regulations. We support you in all aspects of tax returns, keep an eye out for changes in tax law and, if necessary, work with you to rectify any discrepancies that arise. We are also happy to advise you on international tax issues and support you in complying with tax regulations in connection with business activities abroad. Our range of services also includes the performance of tax due diligence audits and the preparation of tax balance sheets.

With our focus on digital workflows, we strive to optimise your tax situation and provide you with the best possible results. For example, a direct interface to your financial accounting can be set up, which makes it possible to export most of the relevant data automatically. This makes the work more efficient and at the same time saves important resources.

We also offer digital document management solutions, so that you can access your tax-related documents at any time and from anywhere. This allows us to ensure that all necessary information is available at all times, your tax situation can be monitored in real time and requests from tax authorities can be responded to quickly.

In addition, we also offer training for your employees, so that they know and can meet the tax requirements in the digital age.

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