Transaction and succession advice

Transaction and succession advice

We offer our clients comprehensive support in all aspects of company acquisitions, sales, and mergers (transaction advice) as well as in the planned transfer of the company to a successor (succession advice).

In terms of transaction advice, we start with a thorough analysis of your objectives and requirements to ensure that we identify the best possible target companies that meet them. We then conduct a comprehensive due diligence process to ensure that all relevant information about the target company is gathered before we move on to negotiate around the terms of the purchase and financing.

Regarding succession advice, we help you to find suitable successors by also carrying out a thorough analysis of your requirements and the skills and suitability of potential successors. We assist in the preparation of company values, the design of succession arrangements and the financing of the transfer.

In both cases, we work closely with you at all times to ensure that your transactions and succession plans are successfully implemented and their objectives achieved. We strive to support our clients at every step of the transaction or succession process and ensure that they are well informed and well prepared.

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