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Our Team in Frankfurt a.M.

blank   a_striegel blank  heiner neuhaus mini  
   Dr. Andreas Striegel
LL.M. Miami
Tax Consultant
Attorney at Law (New York)
Graduate in Financial Management
  Heiner Neuhaus
Attorney at Law
  sandra marx mini    marina boroje mini  
   Sandra Marx
Office Management 
  Marina Boroje
Head of Compliance,
Tax and Accounting
  bilal yildiz mini   
   Bilal Yildiz   Maximilian Bogner
LL.B. Accounting & Taxation
B.Sc. General Managment / Business Law
  mario klein mini   melanie ilijic mini  
  Mario Klein   Melanie Ilijic
  ara warto mini   platzhalter  
  Ara Warto
Trainee Lawyer
Diploma in Law
  Elahe Shekeba  
  uli voss mini   rudi fiedler mini  
  Prof. Dr. Ulrich Voß
Professor of Economics and
Tax Law
  Rudolf Fiedler
Diploma in Commercial Law (FH)

Company history

Motivation - Teamwork

  • mainfort is characterised by a harmonious, proficient and well-attuned team and is based on many years of collaboration between its attorneys at law: the lawyers Dr. Striegel and Neuhaus since the year 2000, then still at the law firm Haarmann Hemmelrath in Frankfurt; the lawyers Dr. Striegel, Kirchhefer and Horn since 2008, then still at the law firm Debevoise & Plimpton. mainfort was firstly founded as a partnership of lawyers in 2008 and continued afterwards by mainfort

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