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Our Team in Frankfurt a.M.

blank   a_striegel blank  heiner neuhaus mini  
   Dr. Andreas Striegel
LL.M. Miami
Tax Consultant
Attorney at Law (New York)
Graduate in Financial Management
  Heiner Neuhaus
Attorney at Law
  sandra marx mini    Frank_Kirchhefer_mini  
   Sandra Marx
Office Management 
   Frank Kirchhefer
Attorney at Law

Company history

Motivation - Teamwork

  • mainfort is characterised by a harmonious, proficient and well-attuned team and is based on many years of collaboration between its attorneys at law: the lawyers Dr. Striegel and Neuhaus since the year 2000, then still at the law firm Haarmann Hemmelrath in Frankfurt; the lawyers Dr. Striegel, Kirchhefer and Horn since 2008, then still at the law firm Debevoise & Plimpton. mainfort was firstly founded as a partnership of lawyers in 2008 and continued afterwards by mainfort

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